TDS Technician (Staging) Assessed Route of Entry.


This course is aimed at TDS Trainee Technicians (Staging) who want to progress their career in temporary demountable structures (TDS) operations who are already experienced in this area and so looking for an assessed route. 

This is an assessment only course to progress quickly to TDS Technician for those with relevant TDS experience. No tuition is given. 


To assess that workers have the knowledge, skills and behaviours to determine they are competent TDS Technicians of temporary demountable structures for either staging, seating or structures (module dependent).


Upon successful completion of this assessment, attendees will be awarded an ESITS certificate of attendance, which will enable them to apply for an ESITS TDS Technician (Purple) Crew card.


Following successful completion for this course and attainment of the required site experience, attendees will be eligible to attend the TDS Master course.


Attendees must have 5 years of relevant TDS experience in the events industry as evidenced by their CV and a formal declaration by their employer, plus passed the required skills test (e.g. WAH training required)

How often will I need to renew?

Your TDS Technician (Staging) Assessed Route of Entry Card will be valid for 5 years.


These assessments can be carried out at your own premises as long as you can demonstrate you have the correct facilities and equipment. Please contact ESITS for further details and availability.

Assessment content

Mandatory Units

  • Work as part of a team effectively
  • Create and Maintain Effective Working Relationships
  • Conduct a Risk Assessment and implement a safe methodology.
  • Implement and Maintain Health & Safety through safe working practices

Core Units

  • Written assessment
  • Stage and roof sub-structures
  • Installation a self-climbing roof
  • Working at Height with PFPE (personal fall protection equipment)
  • Installation of sheeted arched roof structure

Key Topics Covered

  • Skill Check (Stage and Truss Tower Temporary Demountable Structure)
  • Interpretation of Risk Assessment and Drawings
  • Harness use and inspection
  • Work at Height (Creating a Safe Zone, Mast Climbing, Work Positioning)
  • Attention to Safety
  • Use of Truss System 
  • Use of Powered Winch
  • Lifting Operations
  • TDS Inspection
  • TDS Handover Certificate
  • Overall ability 
  • Timekeeping
  • Skill Check (Arched roof structure and sheeting)
  • Control of lifting operations
  • Erection & dismantling of Stage Base, Sub Structures, Truss Towers and Arched Roof
  • Ability to communicate and work with others