ESITS has been established in response to a gap in the provision of specialist training and accreditation for those working on event structures

WhY esits?

Employers and event companies have become increasingly aware that the current scaffolder qualification scheme does not meet the specific skills and competency requirements for those working on the wide range of temporary demountable structures that are a key part of many events.

ESITS has been developed to address this training and assessment need and support the events industry’s commitment to ensuring safe systems of work in their operations.

Through a structured programme of training and accreditation developed in partnership with leading businesses in the events industry, ESITS provides employers and contractors with the assurance that those accredited by the scheme have demonstrated the required levels of knowledge, skills and behaviours for the relevant qualification.

From the entry level General Events Crew Operative (GECO) course and through to the Temporary Demountable Structures (TDS) Master qualification, the content of each stage of ESITS training as been created in collaboration with some of the UK’s leading event businesses alongside consultation with the relevant industry safety bodies.

With ESITS event companies can have confidence in the knowledge and skills of their team.

Our Governance Structure

ESITS has been developed by the industry for the industry in accordance with industry standards and guidance.

This commitment to engagement and collaboration is reflected in the Governance of ESITS.

The Board of Governors

The ESITS Board of Governors (BoG) is responsible for upholding the vision and values of the ESITS scheme, ensuring the scheme remains current and reflects the needs of the industry, approving changes to the scheme. 

The BoG comprises technical, safety and training experts from the industry, a manufacturing representative as well as event structures, media structures, staging and seating contractors. 

Training Committee

The ESITS Training Committee’s remit includes reviewing the scope of the ESITS training courses and ensuring the quality and relevance of the content for each.  The Committee is also responsible for the approval of training providers and ESITS instructors.

The Committee comprises suitably qualified and experienced industry representatives.

Industry Interest Group

The ESITS Industry Interest Group (IIG) is open to representatives from organisations involved in all aspects of temporary demountable structures in the events or media industries, including contractors, H&S professionals, employers, and manufacturers.

Interested parties are invited to participate in the twice-yearly forums and contribute to the consultations on developing the ESITS training scheme, discussions around good practice, and updates on the latest TDS safety issues and developments.  All are welcome. 

To find out more about the IIG and meeting dates contact ESITS or email

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