Working with leading companies in the sector

We have established ESITS as a nationally recognised training programme for those involved in the control, planning, design, build, inspection, use and striking of proprietary Temporary Demountable Structures in the events, media, film, leisure, and entertainment industries.

With ESITS event companies can have confidence in the knowledge and skills of their team.

What is esits?

ESITS has been established as the nationally recognised training and accreditation programme for those working on all aspects of the design and build of proprietary temporary demountable structures in the event, media and entertainment sectors.

The aim of the ESITS scheme is to assure event organisers and employers that those accredited by ESITS have undertaken quality training and assessment, and have demonstrated acceptable levels of knowledge, skills, and behaviours in the relevant level of the ESITS qualification.

ESITS will be underpinned by a formal crew card scheme to verify card holders and their accreditation to employers and events businesses.

Industry-led and developed in consultation with the UK’s H&S authorities

The training and occupational competency accreditation scheme for the UK TDS sector

Provides assurance on the efficiency, quality and safety of TDS workforce and operations
Courses available onsite, on premise or at our specialist Warrington training centre

Progression routes

There are four key stages to the ESITS qualification structure, starting with the entry level General Events Crew Operative (GECO) course and progressing through to the Temporary Demountable Structures (TDS) Inspector qualification.

Delegates can progress through all the qualifications or commence at a specific qualification level, subject to being able to evidence the relevant experience and being in possession of required Health and Safety training.


Completion of General Events Crew Operative

TDS Trainee

TDS Trainee Technician Course
TDS Trainee Technician Crew Card

TDS Technician

TDS Technician Course
Seating, Staging and Structures
TDS Technician Crew Card

TDS Master

TDS Master (Supervisor) Course
TDS Master Crew Card

What Our Customers Say

ESITS is a huge step forward for the industry. Hopefully we will stop seeing work at height trained staff building TDS structures. ESITS cards the only currency for demountable structures!

Business Development and Scaffolding Consultant

Great to have ESITS providing specialised training! It's vital to equip staff with the necessary skills in any industry... but especially in event management where safety and precision are key for building demountable structures.

Independent Event Management Consultant

Great to have been the first company through the TDS Trainee Technician Course and even better to see the volume of those following and using ESITS for event temporary demountable structures training. ESITS is delivering BEST PRACTICE to our industry.

Commercial & Business Development Director

Actavo Events Ltd Irl & UK

A really big need for the ESITS training; different skills are needed to scaffolding to work safely on event demountable structures. A really big improvement for the industry. Well done ESITS!

Managing Director

Acorn Event Structures